People who contributed a substantial amount of work and share the copyright over some portions of the code:

Davide Alberani <da –>>

Main author and project leader.

H. Turgut Uyar <uyar –>>

The whole “http” data access system (using a DOM and XPath-based approach) is based on his work. The imdbpykit interface was mostly written by him and he holds the copyright over the whole code (with some portions shared with others). He provided the tox testsuite.

Giuseppe “Cowo” Corbelli <cowo –>>

Provided a lot of code and hints to integrate Cinemagoer with SQLObject, working on the script and the module.

Beside Turgut, Giuseppe and me, the following people are listed as developers for the Cinemagoer project on sourceforge and may share copyright on some (minor) portions of the code:

Alberto Malagoli

Developed the new web site, and detains the copyright of it, and provided helper functions and other code.

Martin Kirst <martin.kirst –>>

Has done an important refactoring of the imdbpyweb program and shares with me the copyright on the whole program.

Jesper Nøhr <jesper –>>

Provided extensive testing and some patches for the “http” data access system.

Joachim Selke <j.selke –>>

Many tests on IBM DB2 and work on the CSV support.

Timo Schulz <gnuknight –>>

Did a lot of work “sql”, DB2 and CSV support and extensive analysis aimed at diff files support.

Roy Stead <roystead247 –>>

Provided the script.

Additional translations were provided by:

  • strel (Spanish)

  • Stéphane Aulery (French)

  • RainDropR (Arabic)

  • Atanas Kovachki (Bulgarian)

  • lukophron (French)

  • Raphael (German)

  • Henrique Lauro Bagio de Souza (Portuguese)

  • Alexa Ognjanovic (Serbian)


First of all, I want to thank all the package maintainers, and especially Ana Guerrero. Another big thanks to the developers who used Cinemagoer for their projects and research; they can be found here:

Other very special thanks go to some people who followed the development of Cinemagoer very closely, providing hints and insights: Ori Cohen, James Rubino, Tero Saarni, and Jesper Noer (for a lot of help, and also for the wonderful; and let’s not forget all the translators on

Below is a list of people who contributed with bug reports, small patches, and hints (kept in reverse order since Cinemagoer 4.5):

  • Nita Vesa for a bugfix regarding the User-Agent

  • Kostya Farber for the parser of the /shotimes page

  • Stefanos I. Tsaklidis for PRs to improve imdb.helpers.resizeImage and fix wrongly-formatted titles

  • salehdeh76 for a PR fetching videos

  • Maxim Shidlovski for multiple PRs

  • Sandro Tosi for multiple PRs

  • tadoran for a PR fixing full-size image links

  • Arsham for a PR add support for TV Special

  • fatklass for a PR on certificates

  • rix1337 for a PR fetching tv series seasons

  • WereCatf for a PR on mini series in search results

  • toasta for an improvement parsing synopsis

  • for an improvement parsing reviews

  • Maik Riechert for a report about tv mini series

  • Philippe-Cholet for a bug report about logging level and a PR to fix locales creation

  • frleder for a PR to extract localized title

  • bpolya for a bug report about s3 searches

  • x11x for a patch to update_series_seasons method

  • Evangelos Foutras for a patch to work with Python 3.9

  • Valentin Grigorev for a bug report about ‘sql’ data access

  • meeotch for a fix for tv series creators

  • Karthikeyan Singaravelan for a PR to fix regular expressions

  • errael for a fix to s3 tables access

  • Stein van Broekhoven for a PR to parse movie lists

  • Sam Grayson for a PR that introduce tqdm importing the s3 dataset

  • Pat Hogan for a patch to fix imdbIndex parsing

  • Alexa Ognjanovic for the parsers for top and most popular tv shows

  • miigotu for a fix about string formatting

  • Volkan Yalcin for the parser for person awards

  • Konstantinos Benos for a PR about parsing single seasons

  • Lucas Joviniano for a patch to use the correct escape function

  • Dobatymo for a bug report about filmography

  • Dilyara Baymurzina for the recommendations parser

  • krypt0s for a PR about quotes

  • jinason for a PR to fix movie awards parser

  • Ted Spence for a PR to paginate get_keyword

  • Katt Stof for a bug report about goofs parsers

  • Charlotte Weaver for a PR to extract posters from searches

  • Christian Clauss for some fixes to Python 3 compatibility

  • Enrique A for pull request to fix box office parser

  • Christian Graabæk Steenfeldt for a report about tv series ratings

  • h3llrais3r for a patch for Python 2 and encodings

  • Konstantin Danilov and guillaumedsde for a bug report about s3 dataset

  • mmuehlenhoff for a bug report about list of AKAs and release dates

  • ChakshuGautam for a bug report about MySQL import

  • jh888 for suggesting to switch to https

  • tlc for a bug report about search results

  • JohnnyD0101 and Kagandi for a bug report and a patch about currentRole and notes

  • Ali Momen Sani for a report about mini biography

  • David Runge for package tests and hints

  • antonioforte for bug reports and patches about XML output and SQL parser

  • Jakub Synowiec for multiple bug reports and patches

  • Piotr Staszewski for multiple bug reports and patches

  • tiagoaquinofl and rednibia for extensive debugging on SSL certificate issues

  • Tim King for a report about birth and death dates.

  • Lars Gustäbel for a report about series seasons.

  • Filip Bačić for a report about full-size headshot

  • Matthew Clapp for a report about pip installation

  • Jannik S for a report on tech parser

  • Brad Pirtle, Adrien C. and Markus-at-GitHub for improvements to full-size covers

  • Tim Belcher for a report about forgotten debug code.

  • Paul Jensen for many bug reports about tv series.

  • Andrew D Bate for documentation on how to reintroduce foreign keys.

  • yiqingzhu007 for a bug report about synopsis.

  • David Runge for managing the Arch Linux package.

  • enriqueav for fixes after the IMDb redesign.

  • Piotr Staszewski for a fix for external sites parser.

  • Mike Christopher for the user reviews parser.

  • apelord for a parser for full credits.

  • Mike Christopher for a patch for synopsis parser.

  • Damon Brodie for a bug report about technical parser.

  • Sam Petulla for a bug report about searching for keywords.

  • zoomorph for an improvement for parsing your own votes.

  • Fabrice Laporte for a bug report on

  • Wael Sinno for a patch for parsing movie-links.

  • Tool Man, for a fix on sound track parsing.

  • Rafael Lopez for a series of fixes on top/bottom lists.

  • Derek Duoba for a bug report about XML output.

  • Cody Hatfield for a parser for the Persons’s resume page.

  • Mystfit for a fix handling company names.

  • Troy Deck for a path for MySQL.

  • miles82 for a patch on metascore parsing.

  • Albert Claret for the parser of the critic reviews page.

  • Shobhit Singhal for fixes in parsing biographies and plots.

  • Dan Poirier for documentation improvements.

  • Frank Braam for a fix for MSSQL.

  • Darshana Umakanth for a bug report the search functions.

  • Osman Boyaci for a bug report on movie quotes.

  • Mikko Matilainen for a patch on encodings.

  • Roy Stead for the script.

  • Matt Keenan for a report about i18n in search results.

  • belgabor for a patch in the goofs parser.

  • Ian Havelock for a bug report on charset identification.

  • Mikael Puhakka for a bug report about foreign language results in a search.

  • Wu Mao for a bug report on the GAE environment.

  • legrostdg for a bug report on the new search pages.

  • Haukur Páll Hallvarðsson for a patch on query parameters.

  • Arthur de Peretti-Schlomoff for a list of French articles and fixes to Spanish articles.

  • John Lambert, Rick Summerhill and Maciej for reports and fixes for the search query.

  • Kaspars “Darklow” Sprogis for an impressive amount of tests and reports about bugs parsing the plain text data files and many new ideas.

  • Damien Stewart for many bug reports about the Windows environment.

  • Vincenzo Ampolo for a bug report about the new imdbIDs save/restore queries.

  • Tomáš Hnyk for the idea of an option to reraise caught exceptions.

  • Emmanuel Tabard for ideas, code and testing on restoring imdbIDs.

  • Fabian Roth for a bug report about the new style of episodes list.

    1. Josuin for a bug report on missing info in crazy credits file.

  • Arfrever Frehtes Taifersar Arahesis for a patch for locales.

  • Gustaf Nilsson for bug reports about BeautifulSoup.

  • Jernej Kos for patches to handle “in production” information and birth/death years.

  • Saravanan Thirumuruganathan for a bug report about genres in mobile.

  • Paul Koan, for a bug report about DVD pages and movie references.

  • Greg Walters for a report about a bug with queries with too many results.

  • Olav Kolbu for tests and report about how the servers reply to queries made with and without cookies.

  • Jef “ofthelit”, for a patch for the script bug reports for Windows.

  • Reiner Herrmann for benchmarks using SSD hard drives.

  • Thomas Stewart for some tests and reports about a bug with charset in the plain text data files.

  • Ju-Hee Bae for an important series of bug reports about the problems derived by the last IMDb’s redesign.

  • Luis Liras and Petite Abeille for a report and a bugfix about used with SQLite and SQLObject.

  • Kevin S. Anthony for a bug report about episodes list.

  • Bhupinder Singh for a bug report about exception handling in Python 2.4.

  • Ronald Hatcher for a bug report on the GAE environment.

  • Ramusus for a lot of precious bug reports.

  • Laurent Vergne for a hint about InnoDB, MyISAM and foreign keys.

  • Israel Fruch for patches to support the new set of parsers.

  • Inf3cted MonkeY, for a bug report about ‘vote details’.

  • Alexmipego, for suggesting to add a md5sum to titles and names.

  • belgabortm for a bug report about movies with multiple ‘countries’.

  • David Kaufman for an idea to make the ‘update’ method more robust.

  • Dustin Wyatt for a bug with SQLite of Python 2.6.

  • Julian Scheid for bug reports about garbage in the ptdf.

  • Adeodato Simó for a bug report about the new layout.

  • Josh Harding for a bug report about the new layout.

  • Xavier Naidoo for a bug report about top250 and BeautifulSoup.

  • Basil Shubin for hints about a new helper function.

  • Mark Jeffery, for some help debugging a lxml bug.

  • Hieu Nguyen for a bug report about fetching real imdbIDs.

  • Rdian06 for a patch for movies without plot authors.

  • Tero Saarni, for the series 60 GUI and a lot of testing and debugging.

  • Ana Guerrero, for maintaining the official debian package.

  • H. Turgut Uyar for a number of bug reports and a lot of work on the test-suite.

  • Ori Cohen for some code and various hints.

  • Jesper Nøhr for a lot of testing, especially on ‘sql’.

  • James Rubino for many bug reports.

  • Cesare Lasorella for a bug report about newer versions of SQLObject.

  • Andre LeBlanc for a bug report about airing date of tv series episodes.

  • aow for a note about some misleading descriptions.

  • Sébastien Ragons for tests and reports.

  • Sridhar Ratnakumar for info about PKG-INF.

  • neonrush for a bug parsing Malcolm McDowell filmography!

  • Alen Ribic for some bug reports and hints.

  • Joachim Selke for some bug reports with SQLAlchemy and DB2 and a lot of testing and debugging of the ibm_db driver (plus a lot of hints about how to improve the script).

  • Karl Newman for bug reports about the installer of version 4.5.

  • Saruke Kun and Treas0n for bug reports about ‘Forbidden’ errors from the server.

  • Chris Thompson for some bug reports about summary() methods.

  • Mike Castle for performace tests with SQLite and numerous hints.

  • Indy (indyx) for a bug about series cast parsing using BeautifulSoup.

  • Yoav Aviram for a bug report about tv mini-series.

  • Arjan Gijsberts for a bug report and patch for a problem with movies listed in the Bottom 100.

  • Helio MC Pereira for a bug report about unicode.

  • Michael Charclo for some bug reports performing ‘http’ queries.

  • Amit Belani for bug reports about plot outline and other changes.

  • Matt Warnock for some tests with MySQL.

  • Mark Armendariz for a bug report about too long field in MySQL db and some tests/analyses.

  • Alexy Khrabrov, for a report about a subtle bug in

  • Clark Bassett for bug reports and fixes about the script and the cutils.c C module.

  • mumas for reporting a bug in summary methods.

  • Ken R. Garland for a bug report about ‘cover url’ and a lot of other hints.

  • Steven Ovits for hints and tests with Microsoft SQL Server, SQLExpress and preliminary work on supporting diff files.

  • Fredrik Arnell for tests and bug reports about the script.

  • Arnab for a bug report in the script.

  • Elefterios Stamatogiannakis for the hint about transactions and SQLite, to obtain an impressive improvement in performances.

  • Jon Sabo for a bug report about unicode and the script and some feedback.

  • Andrew Pendleton for a report about a very hideous bug in the (garbage in the plain text data files + programming errors + utf8 strings + postgres).

  • Ataru Moroboshi ;-) for a bug report about role/duty and notes.

  • Ivan Kedrin for a bug report about the analyze_title function.

  • Hadley Rich for reporting bugs and providing patches for troubles parsing tv series’ episodes and searching for tv series’ titles.

  • Jamie R. Rytlewski for a suggestion about saving imbIDs in ‘sql’.

  • Vincent Crevot, for a bug report about unicode support.

  • Jay Klein for a bug report and testing to fix a nasty bug in the script (splitting too large data sets).

  • Ivan Garcia for an important bug report about the use of Cinemagoer within wxPython programs.

  • Kessia Pinheiro for a bug report about tv series list of episodes.

  • Michael G. Noll for a bug report and a patch to fix a bug retrieving ‘plot keywords’.

  • Alain Michel, for a bug report about search_*.py and get_*.py scripts.

  • Martin Arpon and Andreas Schoenle for bug reports (and patches) about “runtime”, “aka titles” and “production notes” information not being parsed.

  • none none (dclist at for a useful hint and code to retrieve a movie/person object, given an URL.

  • Sebastian Pölsterl, for a bug report about the cover url for tv (mini) series, and another one about search_* methods.

  • Martin Kirst for many hints and the work on the imdbpyweb program.

  • Julian Mayer, for a bug report and a patch about non-ascii chars.

  • Wim Schut and “eccentric”, for bug reports and a patches about movies’ cover url.

  • Alfio Ferrara, for a bug report about the script.

  • Magnus Lie Hetland for an hint about the searches in sql package.

  • Thomas Jadjewski for a bug report about the script.

  • Trevor MacPhail, for a bug report about search_* methods and the ParserBase.parse method.

  • Guillaume Wisniewski, for a bug report.

  • Kent Johnson, for a bug report.

  • Andras Bali, for the hint about the “plot outline” information.

  • Nick S. Novikov, who provided the Windows installer until I’ve managed to set up a Windows development environment.

  • Simone Bacciglieri, who downloaded the plain text data files for me.

  • Carmine Noviello, for some design hints.

  • “Basilius” for a bug report.

  • Davide for a bug report.

We’d like to thank the following people for their donations:

  • Paulina Wadecka

  • Oleg Peil

  • Diego Sarmentero

  • Fabian Winter

  • Lacroix Scott